Michael Brammagh after his presentation on Wednesday 13th January 2016 - for another picture taken from his presentation have a look at Past Events


Huddersfield French Circle welcomes anyone with a love of France and its language and culture who has access to Huddersfield Town Hall once a month and who has some knowledge of the French language.

We meet for a presentation given in French on a diverse range of subjects, some but not all related to France, followed by conversation with other Circle members in French or in English whichever is your preference.

Most Circle members are English but we do have one regular French attendee and long standing member and welcome others from time to time. New members are most welcome but just come along as a Visitor one month to see if you meetings are of interest to you. You can find out more about the 'when' and 'where' on the Venue page - click on the link on the right.

updated28th April, 2018

Very many thanks to Paddy Redhead who under the title of 'Vraiment je ne voulais pas y aller', gave a presentation on a holiday she had taken to Saudi Arabia. Her husband had been there during the war and when he had suggested going there on holiday, she had been horrified with thoughts of terrorism and war torn countries. In the event she had a lovely holiday and told us about the different things they had done including spending a night camping outside and so on. The buildings all looked fabulous and this was all in an area which had been desert when her husband had been there.

Very many thanks Paddy for your talk.


Our next gathering is our Annual Dinner which this year will take place at Brooks Restaurant in Brighouse on 2nd May. The following week, 9th May we hold our AGM. As this is a busines meeting, the proceedings are all in English. The business of the AGM takes place for about 30 minutes and then following a short break when cheese and wine are available, we proceed to plan the programme for the forthcoming year.
Do join us to help influence how our group continues to evolve and help us decide on the speakers for next year.
Huddersfield French Circle is perhaps the largest French Circle in the area and we want to be sure to keep it that way!



Interesting Blog for Francophiles

Keep up-to-date with interesting snippets of French news, articles, grammar points and so on by reading this interesting blog. If you sign up you get an e-mail to tell you when the site has been updated. I am following it and have really enjoyed what I have read and also found it really instructive.




If you would like to know more about Huddersfield French Circle or require information on any of the particular events listed, then do please e-mail our Secretary or myself the Website Manager via either of the e-mail links which follow:

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